Best Medicine for Chest Congestion

Have chest congestion that won’t go away? You may want a recommendation for the best medicine for chest congestion to make you feel better quicker.

If your chest congestion home remedies do not work and congestion persists for over 2 weeks accompanied by soreness in the chest, a cough and a slight fever, it is advisable for you to seek out the advice of a qualified physician. Chest congestion can very well be the symptom of a serious disease like TB or bronchitis. If it is inconvenient for you to visit a physician, there are very effective over the counter medicines aimed at how to relieve chest congestion.

What medicines should I use for chest congestion?

One the medicines widely available is; Maximum Strength Mucinex Expectorant. Mucinex is a chest congestion medicine available in tablet form and contains 1200 mg of Guaifenesin. Taking one every 12 hours for a few days, will help relieve your congestion. Another medicine is; Theraflu® Flu & Chest Congestion Hot Liquid. It is ideal for chest congestion with the flu and symptoms of fever and soreness. Theraflu Flu & Chest Congestion medicine has 400 mg of Guaifenesin and Acetaminophen for the fever and soreness. It comes in a packet that is dissolved in hot water which makes it ideal for curing chest congestion. Another widely available and effective medicine that is widely available in drug stores is Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion DM Max. Not suitable for children under 12, Robitussin is an ideal medicine for those who suffer from severe chest congestion along with a harrowing cough. Robitussin Cough & Chest Congestion DM Max contains expectorant and a cough suppressant. Although, during the day you should take medicine with a chest decongestant without a cough suppressant.

For children it is suitable to give them; Mucinex® Mini-Melts™ Grape Flavor – Age 4+ is one of the best medicines for children suffering from chest congestion. Dosage depends on the child;s age, and is administered every four hours. Another medicine suitable for children is; Paediatric Vicks Formula 44e Cough & Chest Congestion Relief – Age 4+.  If your child has chest congestion along with a harrowing cough that is making him or her irritable and weak, you may use an expectorant with a cough suppressant for night time use. This allows them time to have sufficient rest.

How much do medicines cost?

Theraflu® Flu & Chest Congestion Hot Liquid would cost US$ 35. Maximum Strength Mucinex Expectorant would cost US$31.99. Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion DM Max costs US$6.99 and is widely available in most drug stores. Whereas, Pediatric Vicks Formula 44e Cough & Chest Congestion Relief – Age 4 + is relatively cheap and costs around US$ 7.50. Mucinex® Mini-Melts™ Grape Flavor – Age 4 costs US$ 13.77.

Do I need a prescription for these medicines?

You do not need a prescription for these drugs. They are available over the counter at most pharmaceutical drug stores across the United States.

Should I use more than one medicine?

There is no need to use more than one medicine. Taking any one of these medicines, along with plenty of fluids and chicken soup, would make sure that you are relieved of your chest congestion straightaway!

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