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Life Hacks: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy in 2016

Most people enter the New Year with some kind of resolve. Whether it is spoken verbally or kept as a secret goal, there is always something we hope to change. Typically, it revolves around lifestyle habits. Throughout the year these habits began to wear

20 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

Some home remedies have been around for generations and passed down from person to person. They are effective.  Chest congestion is no fun.  It is a symptom which can make the chest tight and painful, increase mucus production, make it hard to breathe, and

Herbal Remedies for Chest Congestion

When we are sick we will look for fast relief through either traditional or alternative remedies, usually a combination of both. The benefits of herbal remedies for chest congestion are not only healing, but mentally therapeutic as well.  Such as a hot tea, not

Chest Congestion Home Remedies for Babies

There is nothing worse than not being able to bring relief to your child when they are sick. Infants are especially a concern and require immediate attention to ward off further symptoms. When an infant has chest congestion it is usually always caused by

Chest Congestion Treatment

If left untreated, chest congestion can ultimately get worse over time, causing symptoms to become unbearable. You want relief, to feel better and we have some good tips to help you along the road to getting back on your feet again. CLICK HERE FOR #1

What Causes Chest Congestion?

Understanding the role of mucus Our body’s defense system for the respiratory system is mucus or phlegm.  Mucus plays an integral part in protecting the walls of our respiratory system. They contain immunoglobulins that are meant to fight lung irritants or infections. CLICK HERE

Chest Congestion Symptoms

You know when your chest is congested. You feel it. It is a miserable state of being. Labored breathing, tiredness and chest pain are only a few of the symptoms.  Being down with chest congestion symptoms feels terrible, but knowing when to let your

How to Relieve Chest Congestion

Throat feeling phlegmy and wondering how to relieve chest congestion fast? Then check out our step-by-step process to get you back to feeling better again. Chest congestion can get very irritating for most people, and may as well result in the obstruction of daily

Mucus in Chest – A Guide to How and Why it Happens

Feeling that gross, phlegmy, “mucus in chest” feeling? It’s an uncomfortable feeling, but there’s a reason it happens. Mucus is a secretion produced by, and covering, mucous membranes which surround all major organs.  Mucous fluid is normally produced from cells found in mucous glands.

How to Break up Chest Congestion

If you’re feeling sick, you want to know how to break up chest congestion fast. Chest congestion is the accumulation, due to over production, of mucus in the lungs and bronchial passages. Chest congestion is often accompanied by a low fever, dry cough and