The Best Methods to Get Rid of Congestion

Everyone wants to get rid of congestion quickly. Chest congestion which is the accumulation of excess mucus in chest can cause difficulty breathing. The excess mucus builds up due to allergens, bacteria, viruses or environmental irritants like smoke. With a little diligence chest congestion can wholly be treated at home using home remedies, over the counter medicines and alternative medicine like homeopathic remedies.

What are natural remedies to soothe chest congestion?

Many home remedies can be used to get rid of chest congestion. Breathing in steam from a vaporizer or hot bath and applying a hot pack to the chest and throat can loosen mucus and clear the airways.  Drinking hot herbal teas can also soothe and bring relief. Things like honey, ginger, turmeric and fennel can act towards alleviating the symptoms of chest congestion. Eating fried onions and fennel is also a popular home remedy for chest congestion. A mixture of onion juice, lemon juice and honey can bring relief from congestion when taken daily. Steeping ginger or fennel in hot water and drinking can help loosen mucus and bring relief. Furthermore some foods like dairy foods, pineapples and kiwis can aggravate chest congestion so they should be avoided. Fluid intake should be increased to at least 8-10 glasses a day to thin mucus and prevent dehydration. Foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges should be eaten more.

What are homeopathic remedies for chest congestion?

Homeopathic remedies when taken highly diluted andunder the supervision of a doctor are considered safe. Although there is not much clinical evidence to support homeopathic treatments many people believe them to be effective.One homeopathic medicine is kali bichromicum which is produced from potassium dichromate but is highly diluted to make it harmless. Kali bichromicum is used to treat sinus congestion and chest.Another remedy natrum muriaticum is made from sodium chloride, or rock salt, it is most commonly used for chest congestion caused by allergies. Bryonia alba, also called bryony common homeopathic remedy for congestion. All homeopathic remedies depend on personality of the patient and the environment, and most remedies consist of poisonous substances highly diluted so a doctor should always be consulted before taking them and no self-diagnosis should be done.

What medicines are used to use to treat chest congestion?

Medicines such as best nasal decongestants can be used to treat congestion click here to find out; they shrink the swollen blood vessels and tissues in the respiratory tract and sinuses which leads to reduced inflammation and mucus formation. Antihistamines can also help bring relief and ease breathing. Many such medicines are available either on prescription from a doctor or over the counter. Sudafed Congeston, Tylenol Sinus Congestion & Pain Severe and Vicks Sinex are medicines that are available to treat congestion. Although most medicines that treat congestion are available over the counter a healthcare professional should be consulted before these medicines are given to young children, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.

Congestion can cause severe unease due to pressure on the chest and difficulty in breathing but luckily it can be treated easily using home remedies, homeopathic treatments and medicines.

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